Lantius Heavy Industries

Lantius Heavy Industries provides a wide range of computer consulting services at a reasonable expense. Software design and implementation, server configuration, network installation and depolyment, and desktop support.

In our massive chemical reactors adamantium and mithril, the rarest of all metals are mixed with the extract of plants cultivated by reclusive monks in hidden mountaintop groves far from the reaches of society. Brilliant scientists pore over ancient tomes written in languages long-dead, their eldritch symbols interpreted in the light of modernity. Beneath the depths of the briny sea and the in far reaches of empty space, experiments are performed which warp the very fabric of reality itself and produce miniscule amounts of elements which cannot exist! The molten heat of the very planet's core is applied to these ingredients at the precise direction of a formula written by God himself on tablets older than the mountains and the seas. The resulting liquid is then steeped in a combination of the finest hops and malts before being aged in casks of venerable oak for no less than thirty-seven years. The result of this labor is a few milliliters of pure unrefined skill, which we take great pains to apply liberally to any challenge we encounter.

From our patronization of Antarctic archaeological expeditions to our investments in super-large cargo vessels and zeppelins, you can be sure that Lantius Heavy Industries has the resources to meet your needs.